Water & Gas Leaks Detection

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Leaks can be very serious issues that can cause a significant amount of property damage or cost you a lot of money over time.

Water Leak Detection

water leak detection

Smaller and larger leaks can impact properties of any age and size, and this includes both residential and commercial properties. Some leaks are very obvious, and they create gushing water, flooding or other issues in the property that are impossible to miss. Other leaks however, may be hidden deep in the foundation, inside the walls or even in the ground outside the building and only show their symptoms intermittently.

Gas Leak Detection

gas leak detection

Detecting the presence of a gas leak and pinpointing its location is the first step in the repair process. Gas is very dangerous, especially in confined spaces as this will increase it’s density and explosive combustion potential, let alone the cost to your monthly bill.

If you suspect that you have a water leak contact Leon’s Leak Detection for fast, reliable service and accurate answers – We are the best leak detectors in Melbourne.

A water leak can cause water waste that inflates your utility bills, property damage and other unpleasant consequences. Property owners may suspect they have a water leak when they notice their water bill is much higher than normal for no apparent reason, when they see a wet spot on their floor or ceiling, when there is a patch of grass that is greener than other areas and more.

If you have noticed any of these signs or if you have other reasons to suspect that there is a water or gas leak on your property, it best to contact Leon’s Leak Detection as soon as possible. If you can’t afford that, here’s some more information on how to find a leak on your own property. Leon uses advanced diagnostic techniques that can ultimately provide you with accurate answers to your questions faster than a plumber – in fact, a lot of plumbers who don’t have this equipment will call us at the start of the job. Unlike other detection services, our diagnostic services will not create damage to the property. If a leak is detected, you will know the exact location of the leak so that the repair process can begin.

Don’t put your household at risk of damage from water or gas leaks. Get in touch now for a quick household leak detection services.

Leak Detection Services

Accoustic Leak Detection

When it comes to your residential or commercial plumbing system, few services offer you better protection against costly damage than acoustic leak detection. At Leon’s Leak Detection, this advanced methodology assists our experts in determining the exact position of a leak quickly without causing undue disruption to your property or your busy schedule. It’s just […]

Infra-Red Leak Detection

When a leak strikes your property, whether it’s your business or your home, it can mean a big mess and major repair costs. You can spare yourself the trouble when you hire Leon’s Leak Detection, a company that uses the latest technology, including infra-red leak detection to catch leaks at their source in your home […]

Tracer Gas Leak Detection

A gas leak is one problem that no one wants to face. If you suspect you have a gas leak in your home or business, it is vital that you find the source of the leak before you are faced with major consequences. A gas leak is more than a risk to your property. Lives […]

Digital Camera Leak Detection

When you have a hidden leak in your home or business, it can present a major challenge. Leave it undetected and you are going to be faced with damage in the future as conditions continue to deteriorate. Most often, you will have some signs of leakage, but you will have no idea how to locate […]

Gas Leak Detection

In addition to being an expensive repair, a gas leak can be highly dangerous. Besides basic hazards to your health, gas leaks can cause explosions and fires that can be deadly. If you suspect a gas leak in your home or place of business, it is vital that you call a professional like the ones […]

Leaking Shower

The “drip, drip, drip” of a water leak is more than just annoying. It could be costing you a significant amount of money in wasted water. It could also be damaging your property and causing potential health and environmental issues. Obviously, that dripping Leaking shower needs to be stopped; but how, and where is it […]


Burst water pipe outside house

Imagine you’re walking outside your house and notice an unusual wet patch on the ground or water pooling where it shouldn’t be. A burst pipe often reveals itself through such tell-tale signs. You might see water gushing out in extreme cases or a continuous wet area that never dries. The ground may be soggy, and […]

How does PH affect pipes in water

The quality of water running through pipes is a critical factor affecting the longevity and reliability of plumbing systems. One key aspect of water quality that often goes overlooked is its pH level. The pH of water plays a significant role in determining the condition of pipes, their susceptibility to corrosion, and the effectiveness of […]

The List of Most Common Water Leak Damages in House

Water leaks within a home pose a silent threat, often going unnoticed until significant damage has occurred. These leaks, whether from old pipes, roof defects, or faulty appliances, can lead to extensive harm, affecting both the structure and the liveability of a home. Recognizing the early signs of water leak damage is crucial for homeowners […]

How to Find a Water Leak Under Concrete Driveway

Discovering a water leak under a concrete driveway can be a daunting task for any homeowner. Not only does it threaten the structural integrity of the driveway, but it can also lead to significant water bills. With the right approach and tools, identifying and addressing underground water leaks is achievable. Discovering a water leak under […]

Water Leak Detection Services in Dandenong

Discovering a water leak in your home or business premises can be a stressful ordeal. In Dandenong, a suburb renowned for its dynamic residential and commercial landscapes, the need for efficient and reliable water leak detection services is paramount. This guide aims to provide you with in-depth information on securing the best water leak detection […]

How to Know if Pipes Burst

Dealing with plumbing issues can be a daunting task for any homeowner, and among the most critical concerns is identifying and managing burst pipes. A burst pipe not only disrupts your daily routine but can also lead to significant property damage if not addressed promptly. But how do you detect a problem that’s often hidden […]

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