Infra-Red Leak Detection

Infra-Red Leak Detection-Leon’s Leak Detection

When a leak strikes your property, whether it’s your business or your home, it can mean a big mess and major repair costs. You can spare yourself the trouble when you hire Leon’s Leak Detection, a company that uses the latest technology, including infra-red leak detection to catch leaks at their source in your home or business.

Infra-Red Leak Detection: Fast and Effective

One of our most popular methods is infra-red leak detection. We can use this non-invasive technique to locate a leak quickly with infra-red equipment that highlights leaks that could not be seen otherwise. Contact Leon’s Leak Detection today if you are concerned about any type of leak. We can use infra-red leak detection as well as a host of other techniques in order to help you avoid the troublesome consequences that come with water damage. Call Leon’s Leak Detection today.

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