Of all the possible breakdowns in utilities, a gas leak is the most dangerous fault, so the slightest problems in the gas supply line must be repaired immediately.

One of the causes of leaks is mechanical damage to gas pipes. The damage can be done by a nail or a screw on which something is attached to the outside of the wall. And in the inner part of the wall there is a gas pipe that will be damaged.

Of course, it is better to entrust the repair of gas pipes to professionals, but in some cases you have to find the gas leak first. With a simple tool and some accessories, such a leak can be found by yourself.
The first sign of a gas leak is a characteristic odour in the room. This will require a step-by-step process, sometimes only the flexible metal hoses need to be replaced, and sometimes more serious intervention is required.

But a gas odour may not be detected if the pipe runs along the outside of the house. Then your gas bill will come to the rescue. Of course we are joking, but it is the gas bill that demonstrates that gas consumption has increased significantly, which means you need to check gas leaks in house.