A simple water leak in your home can cause a lot of stress and money. The plumbing installed at the home is quite complex and inexperienced handling in case of any problem can lead to major problems. Most of the time the homeowners have little to no idea when a water leak has happened and only are alarmed when they receive hefty water bills. Water leak can occur at any time thus we offer 24-hour service 5 days of the week so you can always have a reliable expert service to make sure the problem is resolved as quickly as possible.

We understand the hassle a water leak causes, to assist you we are fully equipped with Water leak detector machines that can exactly pinpoint the spot from where the leak may have taken place. We will assist you to identify any major leaks so necessary repairs can be done before any major damage is done.

Here are 5 indicators that can help you identify if there’s any water leak in your property:

  1. Sound Of Running Water- This is the most common indicator when you hear the water running even when there’s no water being used anywhere.
  2. Hefty Water Bills- Out of the ordinary water bill can also indicate that water is being wasted through a leak.
  3. Decreased Water Pressure- If you are facing very low water pressure in your taps, it can mean that the pipeline is leaking.
  4. Spots on Wall- forming of wet sports within or outside your, House is a clear indicator that you may have a leak.
  5. Spots on Floor- Warm spots on the floor usually mean that the hot water pipes have most likely been damaged from somewhere.

Contact us right away when you identify any one of the indicators mentioned above. We can provide you with Water Leak Detection any day of the week. The most top-notch solutions to all your water-related problems are just a call away.