Tracer Gas Leak Detection

Tracer Gas Detection-Leon’s Leak Detection

A gas leak is one problem that no one wants to face. If you suspect you have a gas leak in your home or business, it is vital that you find the source of the leak before you are faced with major consequences. A gas leak is more than a risk to your property. Lives may be at stake if a fire or explosion should result from a hazardous leak. Worst of all, gas leaks are not visible and can be a hidden danger. Leon’s Leak Detection takes every leak seriously, putting your property at the top of the list when you call in our team for gas leak detection. At Leon’s Leak Detection, we are committed to your safety. Our highly trained team of professionals has the training and technology to effectively find gas leaks without putting you or your property at risk, using tracer gas detection to get the job done.

Tracer Gas Detection

Tracer gas detection is used in the most delicate of situations, especially when dealing with buried pipelines that could be covered under layers of dust. This holds true in industrial areas. Tracer gas detection involves the injection of a gas, whether it’s helium or hydrogen, into pipelines that are a concern. A gas sensitive device is attached at the surface and is able to detect any leaks that may be occurring in the pipeline. Whether you are dealing with a potential gas leak at a large industrial site or your residence, it is important to pinpoint the source of any leaks as quickly as possible in order to avoid serious consequences.

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At Leon’s Leak Detection, we take every job seriously and will take action as quickly as possible if you suspect a gas leak. With tracer gas detection, we will get to the bottom of the problem. Once a gas leak has been detected, you will be able to perform necessary repairs and breathe easily once again. Contact us today to make an appointment for tracer gas leak detection.

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