Water leak isn’t something you will notice as soon as it starts happening. However, there are certain signs that can indicate a fluid leakage in any residential or commercial property. For instance, while relaxing in the comfort of your home, you notice a stain on the ceiling or water droplets dropping on your phone screen. Both conditions may be a sign of severe leakage that should be checked immediately. In some cases, the seepage doesn’t even show, it’s the growth of mold in a corner that indicates water leakage.
In today’s article, we will be discussing some of the common types of water leaks faced by homeowners, check them out below.

Faulty seals in showers and tubs

Most of the time, if your bathtub has leakage in it, it is due to a faulty seal. For bathtubs and showers water leak detection Melbourne can be a tad bit tricky considering how after a bath or shower, the bathroom tub does get wet. However, the only way that you can figure out that you need to get shower leak repairs Melbourne is by checking if the floor is wetter than the usual. In certain cases, consistent dampness of the bathroom floor causes mold to start growing on the floor which is a clear indication.

Dripping Faucet

Although a dripping faucet may not cause the growth of mold or other kinds of damage to your property, it is still bad in the sense that a lot of water does go to waste. Apart from that water dribbling, the countertop is probably going to be wet almost all the time.

Toilet Leaks

There are two different ways in which toilets tend to leak. One being their seal is broken and much like bathtubs and shower leak repair Melbourne they need to be repaired as well. The other leakage found in the toilets is an internal one. Either way, toilet leakages can be nasty or you should get them fixed as soon as possible otherwise faulty seals in the toilet could lead to water will be spilling on your floor and that could pose health hazards.
The internal leak could potentially drain all your water from the tank into the drainage which ends up wasting a good amount of clean water. So it is best to get these things checked out at your earliest.

Leaky Pipes

Another one of the most common types of water leak detection in Melbourne cases that professionals encounter are leaky pipes. Pipes under the sink, or in your basement that go towards the main water line tend to get leaks in them which could lead to water damage in its severe form if not treated in time.
As mentioned before, water leak detection Melbourne needs to be done as soon as possible so as to ensure that water damage can be controlled or else it will affect the value of your property.